Utah Ice Fishing

Famous for its abundance of large aggressive trout -- Strawberry reservoir has been Salt Lake City, Utah's favorite "fishing hole" for more than 60 years. Ice fishing at Strawberry has never been more exciting. Utah ice fishing has grown in to a huge winter activity, With the 1990 introduction of the Bear Lake Cut-throat, and Rainbow trout, anglers are routinely catching two to three pound trout threw the ice. For many, battling the big fish at Strawberry is the ultimate fishing experience.

When winter arrives on the scene, the excitement doesn't stop. Salt Lake City's "Greatest Snow on Earth" becomes the blanket for the best open country and groomed trail snowmobiling in Utah. And what about the fish? Well, the big ones are still around, waiting to be pulled up through the ice.

Ice fishing, who would of ever thought that sitting on the ice would be so much fun. "Utah" the new year round outdoor playground.



Recreation in Utah offers ice fishing on their list of activities for you.


Water Depth

Success at catching the Cutthroat Trout is very high. Most people Catch cutthroat Trout while ice fishing in Utah. The rainbow Trout is second to most caught fish in Salt Lake City, those two are the highest populated. Although, catching the Kokanee Salmon is very rare through the ice in Utah, there have been some records of fishers catching this type of fish. The Utah state record for Kokanee Salmon was caught at Strawberry in 1995, weighing in at about 6 pounds.

Catching the different types of fish species varies depending on the depth you are fishing at. Cutthroat Trout tend to be at all the different depths of the Reservoir while fishing for Rainbow Trout you will most likely catch them at 25 feet or less. Kokanee Salmon are caught in the deepest depths, although they are rare to catch, having a few skilled anglers might help you get a Kokanee on the end of your line. Reports have shown that ice fishing in Salt Lake City close to the shore line are the best areas. angling is also better in the mornings to catch the fish of your choice.

Fishing Help in Utah

Create the most amazing fishing experience in Salt Lake City by putting your line with some bait or lure at the depth the fish you want to catch are at, while not moving your pole as much, are the keys to catching fish through the ice. If you don't make sudden movements as much, the fish won't be scared to come near it. Using some simple devices that can tell you how deep the water is or if you have a fish at the end of the line, can help you catch some fish as well.

Fish aren't as aggressive and tend to become lethargic when the Salt Lake City weather has dropped in temperature in Utah. Fishers use lures, worms and Power Bait to help them catch the type of fish they please. Fish will often stay at a certain water depth all winter long, so finding those depths is a good start. Fish aren't as aggressive to catching their food. Keep these things in mind and you should find plenty of fish on the end of your line when ice fishing on Strawberry Reservoir this winter.


Recreation in Utah is not liable for any fish caught with the techniques listed above. For more information on ice fishing in Salt Lake City, call us at (435)671-0287 or email any question at jon@recreationinutah.com